Friday, October 9, 2009

Zebra Airfit Jell

I saw this pen on the pen addict awhile back. Add that to my new addiction to jetpens and we have a winner! Being left handed I always lean toward a thinner point. I'll hopefully have some reviews of some of the the really small points like my 0.3mm Hi-tech's and Coleto but as of now I like the 0.5 mm tips.

Body: I love the look of this pen. it feels very sturdy and the grip is nice. I did think it was a bit stiff when first using it. I am not sure if it is the death grip I put on it when using it or an actual feature but the grip has become softer since the first uses. So there seems to be a "wearing in" that happens that makes the pen more comfortable after a week or so of consistent use. Ilike the clip on this pen as well. It is very sturdy and opens nicely to fit binders and notebooks alike.

Ink: The ink is nice and bold. the 0.5mm point puts out a nice line that can be seen in the picture. What seems to happen with the better gel pens is the blotting effect on your hand as a lefty. This is much preferred to smearing but will leave very small amounts of ink here and there on your paper. It is barely noticeable, and I would like to do some more tests on different paper to see if the problem persists on paper that is not as heavy as the Rhodia and Black n' Red that I do these reviews on.

Price: These sell for $4.50 on jetpens which is well worth it imho.

Lefty bottom line: A fantastic purchase any way you look at it. Great price point, very fine point that helps prevent smearing issues. Highly comfortable grip that wears in like your favorite jeans!

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  1. Great review! I just bought two of these, same color but in ballpoint. I love the clip, and it is a very sturdy pen.