Sunday, October 11, 2009

Uni-ball EX2

Uni-ball pens are great, but these take the cake for me. I stumbled upon these at my new favorite store Artmart in St. Louis. I did a quick doodle on one of the many notepads they place around their pen area to test drive their products. I liked the shade of orange so I picked it up. It quickly became my pocket pen for my reporter style Moleskine that I use for quick notes during the day. It dried quick enough to use in Moleskine and I just like orange ink. After my great results I decided to pick up a red and black ink EX2 pens on my next trip to Artmart.

Body: I do not enjoy slim barrel pens. I've searched high and low for some decent pencil grips to put over my slim barrel pens but have only come across glitter and bright pink ones. If anyone has suggestions on where to find something that works please let me know. Furthermore, the body is a hard plastic with grooves toward the tip, which is 0.7mm by the way.

Ink: This is where this line of pens shines in my eyes. It is some of the boldest ink I've come across. The orange is rich, as is the red. The black is very very dark and all the colors stay as vibrant even after drying. The ink is very smooth and I only have smearing problems on 90gsm paper as it doesn't seem to dry quite fast enough. If you go to Uni-ball's site you will see the TONS of colors available with this line, it is quite impressive.

Price: Amazon has them listed at $7.80 for a 5-pack. I picked them up at Artmart for about 1.50 a piece, which is a few cents cheaper per pen.

Lefty Bottome Line: Slim barrel is a minus in my book, but the richness of color in the ink more then makes up for it. Heavier paper presents a smearing problem but for everyday writing, I like this pen.

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