Thursday, October 1, 2009

Out of the gates with Papermate G-Force

Ballpoints...I really must say it's a love/hate thing. A lot more hate then love. All you lefties out there can feel my pain. It's hard to forget a ballpoint pen, mostly because that ink is on the next few things you touch after you write with it. There is, on occasion, a ballpoint that catches my eye and I simply cannot resist that urge to add it to my handcart and buy it.

The Papermate G-force is an exception to the rule, for the most part. It did not smear nearly as much as other ballpoints I've known. It took some heavy duty writing to begin noticing buildup on my hand. I'd have to say that in moderate to light use, one might not ever notice "ink hand". I think this is due largely to the smaller point (.7 mm). The point and ink remind me of some of the higher numbered F series pens of Zebra.

The major downside to this pen for me is the slim barrel. Despite the best efforts of the nice rubber slotted grip, I still felt the need to grip the pen tightly. This normally leads to sweaty hand, which leads to ...."ink hand"!

I purchased mine in a single pack, but I've seen it offered in double packs at Walgreens. The price point is around $1.50 a pen.

The lefty bottom line: I like this pen, but it's still a ballpoint and will smear with heavy use.

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