Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lefties Unite! 3 of 3 Pelikano Junior

Continuing the theme of learning pens, comes my final submission of the Pelikano Junior. It didn't take me long searching for lefty pens to come across this little gem. It was part of my very first Jetpens order and even had me searching for a converter to use bottled ink that I didn't even have yet. The pen I used in the picture is actually my second PJ. The first was lost in some inexplicable manor. I haven't the faintest clue as to where it went. My thoughts are that it is lodged somewhere in that bermuda triangle of random items lost in the home, it starts in your dryer where it eats single socks (never the pair) and manages to swallow up the most random of items. I hope my second pen fairs better!

Body: This is a chunky pen, or as my cousin would say "extra medium". It brings me back to the days of oversized crayons and those big training pencils. It's made of a sturdy translucent plastic which adds to its overall toughness. The pen comes with two stickers on which you write your name. You then unscrew the barrel and place the sticker around the inside of the pen so that your classmates or co-workers know to whom this pen belongs. The nib is made of steel and creates the super smooth glide. I believe that the left handed nib is pretty close to medium. I do not think the nib is special. I've heard of Hebrew Italic nibs that are actually shaped to aid a lefty but this one is straight.

Grip: I am adding a new section here (and possibly from here out). Like the other pens I've reviewed in this series it has a lefty grip. As I've said before, my hand doesn't do so well with these set grips. I included a picture of how I hold fountain pens. I find holding my pen like this helps to avoid most of the skipping lefties encounter. I am still very much a fountain pen neophite and am not sure if this hold will work at all when I get into a better grade of nib and pen. (feedback is welcome on this point)You will also notice in the picture that not only am I a lefty over-writer but I also angle my paper as if I were right handed. This is due to the fact that while I was learning to write my mother would turn my paper and place the pen in my right hand. When she would leave the room I'd put the pen in my left hand again but wouldn't turn my paper to the right as is traditional for left handed people.

Ink: I can't say too much for the ink cartridge that comes with the pens. I used the blue ink from the first pen for only a day. As usual, I did not like the color of the blue so as soon as the converter showed up, it was out with the cartridge and in with the Noodler's Dragon's Napalm. When I received my second pen I put the converter (which I also repurchased) in right away and filled it with the ink that I purchased at the same time, Diamine Steel Blue. So without turning this into an ink review I will move on.
Price: $11.50 over at our good friend Jetpens. A fair price for a well made product.

Lefty Bottom Line: A fantastic starter pen for the young and the young at heart. A fountain pen gateway drug that truly exhibits the smoothness that you hear so much about when these pens are discussed. My favorite of the lefty pens I have. The ability to add a converter raises the score here. A low priced pen that you can use everyday without too much fear of dropping...or losing.

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