Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome to Inkthusiasm

I would like to thank everyone that is taking time to read my newly hatched blog!

As is common, I would like to use this first post as an introduction and starting point for what's to come. My name is DJ and I am 28 years old. I live outside of St. Louis, MO. I work in the human resource department for a global retailer, so as you can imagine I write A LOT!

My adoration for all things "officey" began at an early age when I would mimic office scenes from shows and films I'd see. My first computer was drawn on a notepad, complete with a full pencil drawn keyboard. It wasn't much but I closed some killer deals and made my monopoly millions with that notepad.

I am very aware of the multitude of fantastic pen, pencil, and paper review blogs out there. What will set me apart from a majority of them is my writing style. I am a lefty over-writer. This presents multiple challenges and greatly affects my stationary choices.

So I hope you will stay tuned as I will be bringing "lefty" reviews and thoughts, along with life blurbs, and plenty of INKTHUSIASM!

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