Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lefties Unite! 1 of 3 The Yoropen

For the next three posts I will be reviewing some pens that most writers would never bother to look at. I will be looking at 3 "lefty" pens. I hope it will shine light on this niche that is, in my opinion, vastly underwhelming.

The first pen in the series is the first lefty pen that I actively sought after doing some web searching for lefty writing ideas. It is the Yoropen. Originating in Taiwan, the Yoropen is designed to help writers of all kinds, but specifically for children. From my understanding of all these lefty pens that I will be reviewing, it's sort of a "learn how to write properly from the start" mindset. I think if I would have had contact with these pens in the outset of my learning years I may have had a completely different reaction to these products. I think that by now, without some serious practice I am doomfully set in my writing ways.

Body: The model I purchased is made from very basic plastic. The grip is standard rubber as well. The whole thing feels very cheap, which it was, but we don't talk about price here. The tip is angled and rotates within the rubber grip which keeps the grip from getting awkward for those, like me, that like a "close-to-tip" grip. Despite this, I cannot get a comfortable hold on this pen. I whirl it around to different angles but I do not blame the design of the pen as much as my personal writing style of holding the pen so close to the tip. The cap is overly designed. It seems that they put A LOT of thought into it so that it only goes on their the proper way, but in all that strain they did not design it to actually post on the pen itself. It's not a big deal but a pet peeve of mine because I will loose the cap.

Ink: typical run of the mill ballpoint ink. One thing of note is that there are not smearing issues because despite being uncomfortable for me, it does its job of keeping my hand from smearing the ink. It is refillable .

Price: I got mine for $2.99 at office depot. This pen comes in a lot of flavors including a mechanical pencil version that all can be found and ordered from their site.

Lefty Bottom Line: It feels cheap and it's a ballpoint pen. It does not smear because its design keeps your hand out of the way. This pen is not for me, however, I cannot ignore all the glowing testimonials I've read on this pen.

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