Friday, October 23, 2009

Pentel Selfit

I'm beginning to think I have a thing for these "comfort grip" pens. As a lefty I would shy away from ballpoints due to the enormous smearing issues and the fact that I felt that I was pushing too hard and holding the pen way too tight. All the delectable selections available at Jetpens has managed to lure me in to these types of pens despite my better judgment, and have proven to be decent choices.

Body: This pen is very light. Most pens with comfort grips, like the Dr. Grip or the G2 Limited, tend to be heavier. The light plastic body does add an air of cheapness to the feel of the pen. The metal accents do feel heavier then the rest of the pen and help the overall balanced feel it has in your hand. The clip is also plastic and just from pulling on it a bit, it does feel a bit weak.

Grip: The first thing everyone does when they get their hands on one of these types of pens is to squeeze the grip. With this pen that can mislead you into thinking the gel grip is too shallow because it is not a deep grip but when your actually using the pen it does a great job of allowing for a pleasent writing experience. This grip is unlike the alpha gel grip in that the selfit's grip feels like soft clay and it will keep your fingers indention for a bit after you set the pen down. A unique grip indeed.

Ink: The ink is not very bold but I'm learning that the tradeoff between bold blacks and vibrant colors is smearing or heavy ink transfer while writing. While this ink is nothing to rave about, it does not smear with light writing. I'll have to update this entry if it shows to not hold up with extensive writing on a page.

Price: $9.00 on Jetpens, a bit high for the quality of the pen.

Lefty Bottom Line: I prefer the Jetstream Alpha over this grip and pen overall. The lighter ink will help avoid traditional lefty pitfalls of smearing and transfer but even that is displaced by the unique jetstream ink. If your super interested in this pen simply for the unique grip; find it, squeeze it, and buy the jetstream.

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